KAKIVA to us means wellness and beauty encapsulated by the mystery of natural science which epitomizes our supreme creator (God).  Thus, the coined slogan ‘Kakiva Essentials, exceptional beauty inspired by nature’.

The founder of this wonderful brand had endured countless ordeals of relaxing & retouching her hair with artificial formulas which caused so much pains, burns and sores with irritating discomforts. As a young adult, she began to tinkering on how to balance beauty and health when she finally had her break through at motherhood.

As a mother, she had to deal with recurrent illness of her children (allergic reactions and irritant spots on the skin that defied medical diagnosis). At this point, she began to explore natural remedies which had historic results which were accustomed to her childhood experience, where she rarely got sick, eating healthy under the guidance and mentorship of her parents (Elder & Mrs Moore Ngalo).

Based on this beautiful childhood experience and lifestyle for which she was mostly healthy, she was inspired to delve into extensive research on natural well-being and put a stop to the use of chemical laden products. She started making healthy meals, portions, drinks, body creams, hair creams, soaps, etc using purely natural herbs for herself and family.  Surprisingly, her children began to respond to her herbal remedies and their health blossomed. The frequent visits to the hospital stopped. She also discovered that she could comfortably grow and manage her natural hair in varying styles with the use of her prototype products without relaxers and still appear stunning at events with so much peace and comfort.

Boom! The Kakiva breakthrough was born. Nevertheless, she decided to leave out products meant for ingesting as she is not a certified nutritionist. Furthermore,as a certified Anatomist with sound knowledge in human anatomy, physiology & some of pharmacology including biochemistry, she started making natural based haircare & skincare products for her immediate family use which gradually extended to her siblings, their families, in-laws, friends & neighbors.   With great support from her husband, siblings, in-laws, friends & neighbors, the products became a hit and the testimonies have never stopped rolling in since then.

Overwhelmed with the unquenchable zeal to see beautiful people who are healthy and also to let Africans know they are safest & best in their own natural hair & skin, she employed the services of a certified formulating chemist with other team members and the first batch of natural based haircare & skincare products were produced for commercial purposes in 2015.  Kakiva brand was officially launched that same year under the already existing ALAMOORE FASHION now ALAMOORE GLOBAL LIMITED.


To nurture and give expression to the exotic beauty of African natural hair and skin in its purest form by creating pH balanced, natural (herbal) based healthy products that unveils this expression, healthily cares, maintains and improves natural African hair and skin without toxins or causing harm to the users. Products made with your health in mind.

Natural hair & skin at its best!


OUR VISION: To be the best natural based hair & skincare manufacturing company in the globe with unwavering standards.


Founded in 2015 under the umbrella of Alamoore Fashion now Alamoore Global Limited , Kakiva essentials Limited, RC-1474755 obtained at CAC in Abuja, FCT commenced small operations.


With respect to growth to foster greater customer satisfaction and to facilitate coverage, the parent company Alamoore fashion now Alamoore Global Limited established its factory in Nigeria in the year 2015 which is NAFDAC inspected and approved, with over 120 retail outlets and uprising distributors.