Stand a chance to be a distributor of Kakiva Products with SHIKINI MONI!!!

Kakiva Essentials has the welfare of Nigerians at heart especially in this pandemic period where the cost of living has been catapulted to the highest heavens. For this reason, we have come up with this JUICY EMPOWERMENT PACKAGE which will help Nigerian Youths, Market women, salons and House Wives have an interesting stream of income.

This package is called the “KAKIVA 4U PACKAGE” which makes you a distributor of Kakiva products with as low as #15,000 or #30,000 or #60,000 only, You get Free Recharge Card of #200 or #500 or #1000 to contact your customers and also stand a chance to get 5%, 6% or 13% commission if two times more orders of #15,000 or #30,000 or #60,000 are made in the same month.

You also get the products at cheaper rates and still get paid when your business is doing well.

Take hold of this opportunity today and be a boss of your own!!!